Juniors & Seniors


Ballet, Theatre Craft, Jazz and Contemporary

Join this exciting combo class and enjoy a performance based class designed to develop the dancer into a versatile all round show performer. Ballet is the core of all dance styles and recommended as a staple class alongside all others. Ballet remains one of the most classic, elegant and graceful styles and teaches discipline, balance, coordination, rhythm, strength, flexibility and technique. We will also discover the world of panto/cabaret and other dance styles in this class. Ballet will be a constant and we will alternate between Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft and Contemporary throughout the year.

Ages 8-12 and 13+ years 


This dedicated Tap class combines the love of dance with core control, rhythm, balance, co-ordination and musicality. Your child will enjoy finding their inner rhythm and improving their sense for finding the beats and patterns in music. Tap is great for the body AND the brain.

Ages 8-12 years

Also available:  Acro, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre

Price: £5 per child

There are 4 terms: August - October, October - December, January - Easter, Easter - June

Classes are paid monthly by Direct Debit.


Online Via Zoom


Saturday's 1.45-3.45pm


Saturday's 4.00-5.00pm