Become a triple threat in our Musical Theatre based dance class.  The class will focus on adding an artistic flair to dancing, singing and acting.  The entertainment industry is looking for all rounders these days and this is the perfect class to grasp these skills. We will focus heavily on the basics needed to succeed and grow.  The class is ideal for children who are at a beginner level in dance.  We also concentrate on building confidence in the children and increasing creativity and well being.


ALSO AVAILABLE - Our Starlets combo Ballet and Jazz class.  This will cover the essentials needed for our older dancers, who may be starting dancing a little older, and wish learn the basics. 

The class is a drop off class. 


Ages 9+ years 

Price: £5 per child

There are 4 terms: August - October, October - December, January - Easter, Easter - June

Classes are paid monthly by Direct Debit.



Musical Theatre 5.30 - 6.30pm

Ballet/Jazz 6.30 - 7.30pm

Guide Hall (15, John Street)